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讲座老师 Prof.Wilhelm Hoefl等 讲座地点 化学工程学313
讲座年份 2018 讲座月份 09
讲座日期 18

These presentations will include the following topics:

Filter Testing and Aerosol Measurement:

•Standardization requirements, ISO 5011 (Motor inlet filters), ISO 11155-1 (Cabin Air filters), ISO 16890 (General ventilation filters)

•Requirements on Aerosol transport for filter media testing

•Requirements on Aerosol generation in filter testing

•Aerosol Measurement,

Working principle for single particle counting, Principle of optical light scattering,

Calibration curves, Border zone problems with OPC’s, overload problem in single particle

counting (coincidence)

•Examples in filter testing for cleanable filter media, Emission measurements on a real baghouse on site with Promo® Aerosol spectrometers

Nano measurement Technology:

•Working principle CPC (Condensation particle counter)

•Working Principle DEMC (Differential mobility classifier)

•How to detect filter media efficiencies in the MPPS

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